New Coyote Consulting: 2021 Annual Benefit Corporation Report

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Who We Are

Our Mission

2021 Summary and Key Metrics

  • We offer full scholarships to all public trainings, no questions asked, and have had scholarship recipients in every one of our trainings
  • Funded the Willamette Valley Development Officers’ BIPOC Fundraisers Affinity Group budget at 100% for 2021 and recommitted for 2022
  • Membership in Business for a Better Portland, a progressive chamber of commerce leveraging the power of business to do good in Portland and Oregon
  • 100% of our staff and contractors identify as people from a marginalized group
  • 6% of our annual net profits were donated to nonprofits in cash
  • Special rate for justice-centered nonprofits
  • More than $17,000 of in-kind donated to justice-centered nonprofit organizations
  • Continue to pay a minimum of market median plus 10% for all staff and contractors
  • Centering a liberation practice for staff and clients every day, growing and learning together, and sharing that learning in the form of a twice-weekly video series as well as monthly newsletters
  • Free access to Masterclass for all staff
  • Staff paid hourly rate to attend professional development classes
  • Paperless office
  • Fully remote office
  • CEO’s office powered by 100% renewable power
  • Stand opposed to cryptocurrency, and NFTs due to their high carbon cost
  • 100% virtual speaking and training schedule in 2021, resulting in no travel
  • Led more than 30 justice-based trainings centering marginalized people and their experiences
  • CEO appeared on 2 podcasts and 1 radio show
  • Presented a workshop at the 2021 WVDO conference
  • Published The Planner for Doing Less
  • Served 10 total clients
  • Maxxed out at 80% of our full client capacity
  • When averaged out over the full year, we beat our income goal every month of the year
  • In real time, we beat our income goals 7 months out of 12
  • Our highest earning month was November, when we earned 205% of goal
  • Our lowest earning months were January and May
  • We closed the year at 112% of goal for income

Coming Year

  • Fund the Willamette Valley Development Officers’ BIPOC fundraisers affinity group at 100% of budget again
  • Increase staff pay
  • In lieu of legal avenues for a company as small as ours to provide health insurance, offer a merit raise for health insurance
  • Convert long-term contractor to staff position with paid sick and vacation time
  • Increase the number of Justice-based trainings by 20%
  • Expand our services to include grant writing
  • Expand into coaching for transgender, gender nonconforming, Black, Indigenous and/or other leaders of color
  • Increase our income goals by 50%
  • Normally, this would be an unrealistic increase, but the increase in staff hours should naturally generate a 20–25% increase in income independent of our actions

In Closing



CEO at New Coyote Consulting.

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